China’s respiratory disease rate is rising because of identified germs

As the nation prepares for its first full winter after easing stringent COVID-19 regulations, a health official stated on Saturday that the rise in respiratory illnesses in China is due to known infections and that there are no indications of new infectious diseases.

The World Health Organization requested information last week on clusters of undetected pneumonia in children, which brought attention to the rise in illness in the nation where COVID first surfaced in late 2019.

According to Mi Feng, an official with China’s National Health Commission, the country will expand its number of pediatric outpatient clinics, work to guarantee that more children and the elderly receive the flu shot, and promote mask use and hand washing.

Medical professionals in China and foreign specialists have not voiced concern regarding the outbreaks in that country since, as China did at the end of the previous year, many other nations experienced comparable rises in respiratory illnesses following the relaxation of pandemic restrictions.

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