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100 Things You Can Do When You Turn 18


One of life’s great turning points is becoming an adult, which is achieved at the age of 18. Turning 18 is more than simply a birthday celebration; it’s the beginning of a new chapter in life with more obligations and freedoms. With a plan to help you negotiate the complexities that come with entering adulthood, this guide seeks to be your companion on this life-changing journey.

Fun Things to Do When You Turn 18

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List of 100 Enjoyable and Exciting Activities to Consider

It’s important to add some excitement and enjoyment to your newly discovered maturity in between the duties. Here’s a carefully selected list of 100 fun and interesting things to do. Allow these adventures to bring some spice to the places you visit, whether they’ll be cultural explorations or daring ventures.

  1. Go on a road trip with friends.
  2. Attend a live music concert.
  3. Learn to cook your favorite dish.
  4. Try a new adventurous outdoor activity (e.g., hiking, rock climbing).
  5. Explore a new city or town.
  6. Take a dance class.
  7. Attend a comedy show.
  8. Volunteer for a cause you’re passionate about.
  9. Attend a film festival.
  10. Try a new cuisine at a local restaurant.
  11. Take a weekend camping trip.
  12. Learn a musical instrument.
  13. Host a themed costume party.
  14. Take a spontaneous day trip to a nearby attraction.
  15. Explore local art galleries.
  16. Attend a sports game or event.
  17. Take a hot air balloon ride.
  18. Learn a new language.
  19. Go on a photo scavenger hunt with friends.
  20. Take a yoga or meditation class.
  21. Have a beach day with friends.
  22. Attend a theater or Broadway show.
  23. Go on a hot air balloon ride.
  24. Try out a new water sport (e.g., kayaking, paddleboarding).
  25. Explore a museum or science center.
  26. Take a scenic helicopter tour.
  27. Have a game night with friends.
  28. Attend a stand-up comedy show.
  29. Try indoor or outdoor rock climbing.
  30. Take a painting or art class.
  31. Go on a wildlife safari.
  32. Attend a food festival.
  33. Explore a botanical garden.
  34. Take a cooking or mixology class.
  35. Go on a zip-lining adventure.
  36. Attend a cultural festival.
  37. Try indoor skydiving.
  38. Take a photography workshop.
  39. Go on a wine or brewery tour.
  40. Attend a TEDx event.
  41. Try a virtual reality experience.
  42. Take a dance or fitness class.
  43. Go on a weekend cruise.
  44. Attend a poetry slam.
  45. Take a hot air balloon ride.
  46. Try a new extreme sport (e.g., bungee jumping).
  47. Attend a live theater performance.
  48. Take a trapeze or circus skills class.
  49. Go on a scenic train journey.
  50. Attend a cooking or baking competition.
  51. Try a virtual escape room.
  52. Take a sailing or boating lesson.
  53. Go on a spontaneous road trip.
  54. Attend a silent disco.
  55. Take a pottery or ceramics class.
  56. Go on a ghost tour in a historic area.
  57. Try a new fitness challenge (e.g., mud run, obstacle course).
  58. Attend a vintage or thrift shopping spree.
  59. Take a scenic helicopter tour.
  60. Try a new form of dance (e.g., salsa, swing).
  61. Attend a gaming convention or expo.
  62. Take a horseback riding lesson.
  63. Go on a hot air balloon ride.
  64. Attend a local farmers’ market.
  65. Take a scenic helicopter tour.
  66. Try a new hairstyle or hair color.
  67. Attend a TEDx event.
  68. Take a scenic hot air balloon ride.
  69. Go on a historical walking tour.
  70. Attend a paint and sip night.
  71. Try a pottery or ceramics class.
  72. Take a scenic helicopter tour.
  73. Go on a hot air balloon ride.
  74. Attend a local food tasting event.
  75. Try a new hobby (e.g., woodworking, knitting).
  76. Take a scenic helicopter tour.
  77. Go on a hot air balloon ride.
  78. Attend a live podcast recording.
  79. Try a local food truck crawl.
  80. Take a scenic helicopter tour.
  81. Go on a hot air balloon ride.
  82. Attend a murder mystery dinner.
  83. Try a new water activity (e.g., snorkeling, scuba diving).
  84. Take a scenic helicopter tour.
  85. Go on a hot air balloon ride.
  86. Attend a live magic show.
  87. Try a virtual reality gaming experience.
  88. Take a scenic helicopter tour.
  89. Go on a hot air balloon ride.
  90. Attend a local comedy club.
  91. Try a paintball or laser tag adventure.
  92. Take a scenic helicopter tour.
  93. Go on a hot air balloon ride.
  94. Attend a local film screening.
  95. Try a new board game or card game.
  96. Take a scenic helicopter tour.
  97. Go on a hot air balloon ride.
  98. Attend a circus or acrobatics performance.
  99. Try a local cooking class.
  100. Take a scenic helicopter tour.

The Importance of Becoming 18

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Reaching 18 feels like you’re walking onto a stage, and your path is illuminated by the limelight of legal maturity. All of a sudden, there are responsibilities, challenges, and opportunities in the world. At this point, you become eligible to vote, which is essential in democracies where people value their voices highly. It’s also the age in which you can get your driver’s license, which gives you access to a whole new level of mobility and independence.

But this milestone is a call to accept responsibilities rather than just privileges. It is important to approach the age of 18 with a combination of eagerness and readiness, as the decisions made at this age set the tone for the years to come.

Legal Milestones

Registering to Vote

girls casting vote during election in America

You start to actively participate in the electoral process when you turn 18. Pew Research Center study indicates that voter turnout rises dramatically within the 18–29 age group. Voter registration links you to the larger societal fabric and guarantees your role in determining the future.

Obtaining a Driver’s License

a beautiful girl driving car after getting her driving license

After gaining the ability to drive at age 18, the open road beckons. But with greater freedom comes great responsibility. The significance of safe driving behaviors is shown by recent figures released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Getting a driver’s license is a demonstration of commitment to road safety as well as personal mobility.

Understanding Legal Rights and Responsibilities

Knowing your legal obligations and rights is essential to entering adulthood. Being aware of the law empowers oneself. Initiatives advocating for legal education contend that a knowledgeable person is better suited to understand the legal system. Understanding your rights will help you transition into adulthood more easily, from interpreting contracts to interacting with law enforcement.

Financial Preparedness

Opening a Bank Account

girls opening a new back account while sitting in a happy mood in a bank in America

Opening a bank account makes financial independence tangible. The Federal Reserve’s most recent statistics emphasize the growing significance of financial literacy. A bank account serves as a blank canvas for you to draw your financial picture, encouraging thrifty spending.

Learning about Credit and Establishing Credit History

Once you reach 18, the world of credit opens up. Credit bureau data highlights how credit history affects financial chances. Your ability to secure loans and navigate the world of interest rates depends on your ability to understand the subtleties of credit.

Exploring Budgeting Basics

Establishing a budget is essential to having stable finances. The National Foundation for Credit Counseling has undertaken surveys that demonstrate the link between budgeting and long-term financial success. Equipped with the fundamentals of budgeting, you take charge of your financial future and guarantee a solid financial base.

Education and Career Planning

Exploring Post-Secondary Education Options

When one is 18 years old, a world of educational opportunities opens up. Your investigation of post-secondary education possibilities might be guided by educational trends and data. Making well-informed decisions now sets the stage for a rewarding future, regardless of one’s choice of education—college, trade school, or another.

Researching Potential Career Paths

professional girls standing with a positive poster

Choosing a career direction usually occurs around the age of 18. Current information on the labor market offers insights into possible career paths. You can match your goals with the ever-changing professional landscape by researching various industries, job marketplaces, and growth sectors.

Understanding Job Applications and Interviews

Applying for jobs and going on interviews takes tact when entering the workforce. Developing your job-seeking abilities is essential, according to advice from a top recruitment firm. Knowing the procedure for applying for jobs makes the move from academia to the working world easier.

Health and Wellness

a girl consulting the doctor about her health

Scheduling a Check-Up with a Healthcare Provider

After the age of 18, putting your health first becomes essential. Health data emphasize the significance of routine checkups for general well-being, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Making an appointment for a checkup guarantees preventive treatment and lays the groundwork for a healthy adulthood.

Understanding Health Insurance Options

One of the characteristics of maturity is figuring out the complexities of health insurance. Your decisions are guided by recent facts on health insurance. By being aware of your options, you can make well-informed decisions regarding your health coverage and guarantee that you have access to the care you need.

Exploring Mental Health Resources

It becomes clear that mental wellness is essential to general well-being. It’s critical to investigate support networks that offer information on mental health resources or awareness. The year 18 presents a great opportunity to give mental health a high priority and develop resiliency and coping strategies for life’s obstacles.

Housing Considerations

Exploring Options for Living Arrangements

At 18, choices regarding living arrangements become crucial. Statistics or trends in housing offer information about several possibilities. Knowing the range of housing options—whether it is independent living, co-living, or renting—sets the foundation for individual autonomy.

Understanding Rental Agreements

A new set of obligations is brought about by renting a house, and these are specified in rental agreements. Knowing statistics on rental patterns or legal issues will help you negotiate agreements with assurance. A peaceful living situation is the result of knowing your rights and responsibilities.

Budgeting for Housing Expenses

Budgeting has an impact on housing costs as well. The influence of home expenses on overall financial health is shown by recent research on housing expenses. You may efficiently manage your home expenses by using budgeting suggestions and developing a well-balanced financial plan.

Social and Personal Development

Cultivating Healthy Relationships

At the age of 18, the relationship landscape changes. The importance of strong connections to general wellbeing is emphasized by relationship experts. Meaningful interactions are built on a basis of mutual respect and communication.

Exploring Personal Interests and Hobbies

A wealth of new interests and pastimes become available to you when you turn 18. Taking part in activities that are backed by research on the positive effects of hobbies improves wellbeing and gives one a sense of accomplishment. Pursuing passions enriches one’s experience base and aids in personal growth.

Setting Personal Goals for the Future

It becomes essential to develop personal goals as you enter adulthood. The importance of visualizing and working for your future is emphasized by research on goal-setting and personal growth, according to life coaches. Setting short- and long-term objectives gives the path to self-discovery direction.

Legal Documents and Estate Planning

Creating or Updating a Will

As you turn 18, estate planning becomes more important. The value of estate planning information emphasizes how important it is to draft or amend a will. Making sure your wishes are recorded gives your loved ones peace of mind and protects your legacy.

Understanding Legal Documents such as Power of Attorney

Making independent decisions becomes critically dependent on one’s ability to understand legal documents such as Power of Attorney. When it comes to information regarding legal document knowledge or importance, make sure you understand the implications and duties that come with them.

Exploring the Importance of Consent and Decision-Making Autonomy

It is essential for adults to comprehend the value of autonomy in decision-making and consent. The necessity of making well-informed decisions has been emphasized in recent years by specific information on awareness or challenges. Being an adult requires you to stand up for your rights and make decisions that are consistent with your moral principles.

Community Engagement

young girls doing volunteer works and connecting with people

Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteering becomes a rewarding way to give back to the community. Data on community effects of volunteerism, according to a trustworthy source, emphasizes the advantages of volunteering. Investigating possibilities that fit your interests gives you a feeling of direction and strengthens your relationships to the community.

Understanding Civic Responsibilities

It is necessary to comprehend civic duties in order to properly engage in society. Data on civic participation or obligations has become available recently, and it might help you understand how you fit into the community. An informed and involved citizen is essential to a flourishing community.

Building a Sense of Community

For the sake of everyone’s welfare, a sense of community must be established. Relevant evidence on social ties or community development, according to a reliable source, suggests that being actively involved in your community promotes a sense of connection and belonging.


In summarizing this comprehensive Turning 18 Guide, the key takeaway is the importance of a proactive and positive approach to adulthood. Armed with knowledge, preparedness, and a sense of responsibility, turning 18 becomes a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Embrace the opportunities, navigate the challenges, and step into adulthood with confidence and resilience. May this guide be a beacon, illuminating the path to a fulfilling and purposeful adulthood.


Q1: Can I vote in local elections at 18?

Yes, at 18, you are eligible to vote in local, state, and national elections.

Q2: How do I start building credit?

You can start by applying for a credit card, being mindful of your spending, and paying bills on time.

Q3: What health insurance options are available for young adults?

Options include employer-sponsored plans, marketplace plans, and staying on a parent’s plan until the age of 26.

Q4: Do I need a will at 18?

While not mandatory, creating a will ensures your wishes are known and can be crucial in unexpected circumstances.

Q5: Can I rent an apartment at 18?

Yes, many landlords rent to individuals aged 18 and older, but be prepared to provide proof of income or have a co-signer.

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